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My program uses several functions from the stdio.h library, but can be adapted to almost any other implementation of these functions. Statistic Description: The program has four types of statistics: Distance, Volleyball, Long Ball and Attack. Distance has two statics: 1)Inter-leg and 2) in-the-box. Volleyball has 3 statics: 1) Inter-leg 2) in-the-box 3) Moved Balls. Long Ball has 4 statics: 1) Left 2) Center 3) Right and 4)Moved Balls. Attack has the following statics: 1) Leg-left 2) Leg-right 3) Left/Right 4) In-the-box 5) Left/Right 5)In-the-box V1.1.0 (Auto-Generated) V1.0.0 (Original) History: 2005-09-26: Initial program 2005-10-02: Fixed a bug that prevented the user from saving and loading the program 2005-10-03: Renamed the program 2005-10-09: Added saves/loads functionality 2005-11-16: Fixed a bug that prevented the user from selecting and showing stats 2005-11-22: Removed a msgbox that was always showing up. 2005-12-19: Pasted the program into a void file and added a main function 2005-12-26: Updated the program to version 1.0.0. Credit: 2005-10-02: a5204a7ec7

This application allows you to keep statistics of match/game. When a match is over, the match is displayed on the first screen. On the second screen you can see the score in a leader board at the end of the game. The third screen allows you to see the lists of saved statistics for a particular player. If you press the button "Add/Edit a Statistic", you can create a new statistic. The four buttons (Display, Switch names, Score and Statistic of the Player) can be ordered by pressing a key on the keyboard. The Display button can also be divided into two categories: "Quick Statistics Display", displays statistics of the current game. "Full Statistics Display", displays statistics of all the games in the application. The statistics can be edited. The statistics are saved in the file "Statistics.txt", with the same format as: Statistic: 1st Player Score Name: Name of the 1st Player Score: Score Type: Type of the statistic (0 - match / 1 - game) TeamA: Type of team 1 of the statistics TeamB: Type of team 2 of the statistics Date: Date of the match When the team displays the statistics, the time where the statistic was calculated is displayed. There are two ways to edit the statistics: "Add/Edit a Statistic" button: If you press the button "Add/Edit a Statistic", you can create a new statistic. The "Name", "Score" and "Type" fields are simple text fields for you to enter a name, score and statistics type. "Display" and "Switch names" buttons: The "Display" button, if divided into two parts, displays the statistics of the current game. If "Display" is not divided into two parts, it displays the statistics of the current game, as in the previous version, and the current player statistics. The "Switch names" button allows you to switch between the names of the two teams. The names are displayed on the first line. The name in the statistics of each team can be edited. When a team is selected, the player names appear in a scrolling list. The names appear in a list of Teams A and B. Pressing a key you move to the left or right. Pressing Enter key updates the names of the teams


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