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If you get in touch with our head coach via email we can signpost you to one of our many teams. 

Not to worry, just get in touch to let us know and we can rearrange your free trial to a more suitable date. 

Over the last three years, Vision Football Academy have created strong links with many schools and educational settings across the Midlands. This has enabled us to help thousands of children develop a passion for sport while developing physically, psychologically and socially.

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At Vision Football Academy we offer individually tailored, position specific coaching sessions for players of all ages and abilities.

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Vision Football Academy has several successful Player Development Centres (PDC’s) running across the Midlands. These PDC’s have been very successful in developing academy players due to the technical syllabus designed and implemented by the Vision coaches.

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Whether a beginner and wanting to try the game for the first time, or an individual wants to push themselves to a higher level, Vision Football Academy is the perfect place to come.

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We at Vision Football Academy pride ourselves on being the leading provider of Tots sessions in the Midlands. Our vast range of experience has enabled us to build a syllabus that is engaging as well as challenging

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We offer specialised Goalkeeper specific training. Our fully qualified Goalkeeper coaches offer high quality sessions both for individuals and small groups.

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At Vision Football Academy, we offer individually tailored, position specific coaching sessions for players of all ages and abilities.

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The purpose of the team sessions is to expose the individuals to the Vision Football Academy philosophy through a series of involved, specialised and technically challenging sessions.

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The purpose of the coach CPD sessions is to upskill grassroots coaches and give them access to the Vision Football Academy syllabus and philosophy.

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At Vision Football Academy, we believe futsal is a perfect complimentary session alongside player’s team training to help boost the fundamental skills needed in football. 

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Our Elite sessions are only accessible by invite/trial only and offer players a much more advanced and intense training experience alongside a regular games programme against local academies. 

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This session focuses on giving the players all of the technical, physical, tactical, and social skills required to prepare them for their grassroots journey. 

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Our Mum/Dad & Me session is aimed at our youngest members (18months-3yrs) and is a perfect introduction to their footballing journeys. The sessions are packed full of fun activities with plenty of inflatables and a variety of activities. 

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Vision Football Academy has several successful player development centres (PDC’s) running across the Midlands. These PDC’s have been very successful in developing academy players due to the technical syllabus designed and implemented by the Vision coaches.

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Kind words from
our families

Big Thank You to Charlie at Vision for the great work you have done with our son during his 121 sessions. He has definitely improved in various aspects of his football and its been noticed by his Grassroots football coaches. Blake really enjoys his sessions with you.

Betsie loves going to Vision Football Academy as the coaches are encouraging and fun. She really feels like she belongs in the team and has built her confidence greatly.

My children have grown in confidence and ability since joining vision football.They enjoy learning new skills and showcasing them in matches.

Harry really enjoys the fun, friendly and professional sessions. He can’t wait for each session. It’s given him a lot more confidence on the ball and helped develop a variety of skills which he gets excited about demonstrating to the rest of his team! ​​

Whatever the weather charlie and the coaches are there with a friendly smile. My 8 year old was shy and had little confidence going to football as hes never really played after a few sessions and some great 121s hes learnt so much and feels comfortable & safe with all the coaches and his confidence has grown massivley

Every week i watch from the side of the pitch in amazement with the 15+ under 5s how the coaches not only keep them under control but make football so much fun and enjoyable for them. The laughter and smiles get bigger and brighter every week. My 4 year old calls all the coaches “his friends

Megan really enjoys coming to vision academy both the group sessions an the 121 session since joining she has come on loads she’s quite shy but Charlie and the others make her feel welcome an make her more confident the sessions are fun and rewarding.

Being friendly and professional, Charlie ensures a variety of drills in each session whilst meeting Jordan’s requirements in his areas for development. Jordan thoroughly enjoys his sessions with Charlie. Working on his positional play, technical game, fitness levels as well enhancing his general understanding of the game whilst keeping sessions relaxed, fun and enjoyable. Can highly recommend

All the coaches are great, especially my son’s 1-1 coach. I couldn’t recommend vision football academy enough. Caring, attentive and great technique’s for little ones to learn

Amazing academy , very fun and exciting sessions with amazing coaching team. Would highly recommend!

My son Alex really enjoys vision academy , great coaching , top drills and lots of fun would definitely recommend

ack loves being part of the Vision family and his team Vision Puma’s.  His coaches make the training sessions both fun and engaging whilst teaching them the skills they need to develop as a team. 
Through the Elite sessions Jack has had some wonderful opportunities, playing at local Academies. The skills he is picking up in these sessions is really helping him to improve his overall game. 

I could not recommend Vision Football Academy enough to children who either just love to play football or who want to develop their skills further. My sons attend the group sessions and have regular 121's. They have both grown so much in confidence, made some amazing new friends and have both developed in skill & ability which shows when they play within their grassroots teams.  This has also lead to my youngest being successful for the U7 Wolves Academy for another season. This is down to the continued opportunities, support & high quality training from all of the Coaches at Vision

My Boys aged 10 & 7 joined vision with no football skills at all last year.. Visions amazing coaches have a real desire to develop there kids and through these amazing coaching sessions and well designed training drill both my boys have secured positions in the vision teams and love every minute of it. They have a great setup and always plan great sessions to develop all kids to their best potential. They are brilliant and worth every penny.

Millie started this year at vision,she was made welcome immediately and soon became part of the first girls team as a goalie, millie loves every training session and match never once complains as she loves the whole atmosphere and the great team and coaches she interacts with. I would highly recommend anyone who's child is wanting to give football a try

Vision Academy as a whole, is brilliant set up.   Great for children’s football skills and development with lots of encouragement.   Importantly they treat all the children fairly, equally, and with care.   They make it a fun environment for children and help build children’s confidence.   My 3 boys Under 10, Under 8 and under 6 - enjoy a mixture of Vision academy training, 121 coaching, and being part of a vison team.   Thanks to all the Vision Academy team for your efforts and keep up the great work!

My two boys started at Vision when they were very young.   I’m so pleased we chose to send them to Vision rather than anywhere else, as the journey that they have both had has been amazing. We started off by attending the Saturday morning sessions which led to them both being invited to play as part of the Elite training groups. This further their development and in turn they have been invited to opportunities with Vision to play at Birmingham City, Coventry City, Wolves, Aston Villa, Leicester, just to name a few!   I know these opportunities aren’t available to just anyone, but being a part of the Vision group has opened many doors.   The training is thorough and thought out. They truly care about each child’s development. It amazes me that the coaches know every child’s name! 
We’ve watched Vision go from a small training group to grow into the huge academy it is today. I regularly recommend Vision Academy to anyone I know who has a child who is interested in playing football. They’re professional, and just get it right   Not only is it a place to develop football skills, but it’s also a place to develop friendships, build confidence and resilience, and have a lot of fun!